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The news that thousands of timeshare owners will not receive one penny in compensation following the final termination of the ‘Club Class Companies’ liquidation has rightly infuriated those that fell victim to the timeshare scams. It has also pushed victims of other similar timeshare exit scams, including the connected ITRA business, to call for justice and better protection. Many have reached out to KwikChex, which manages the Trading Standards approved Timeshare Task Force resources asking, what can be done?

In response, KwikChex has agreed to provide support for consumers exposed to such timeshare scams, including victims that have already lost monies. This website will feature factual information from affected consumers, legal experts and authorities. It will include reports on the scams that have taken place, the ways of avoiding such scams, victim support groups and advice on consumer protection laws that are applicable to the wide spectrum affecting timeshare owners, including timeshare exit/relinquishment and claims.





£8 million has been lost by consumers in just a seven month period.

Source: UK Action Fraud

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This resource will also tackle and assist with what is known as ‘recovery fraud’ and other attempts to defraud and /or coerce monies from victims of timeshare scams such as Club Class, ITRA, EZE Group and RSB Legal. These were businesses that took thousands from consumers with false promises of timeshare exit and claims assistance – and these same victims have now often been contacted by scammers lying about being able to recover their losses. UK Action Fraud reported previously that nearly £8 million has been lost by consumers in just a seven month period. Based on information received from thousands of consumers and active police investigations, consumer losses are estimated to be well in excess of £150 million.



At the heart of this site is information from, and resources for, timeshare owners. This Consumer Alliance section is designed to highlight the direct experiences of consumers themselves and to enable them to band together to have their voices heard.

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Consumer protection Info

Basis of applicable laws and means of detecting and avoiding timeshare scams and principles of data protection.

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Assistance & Victim Support

Report timeshare scams and concerns you may have to us about having fallen victim to one of these businesses.

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Key Facts

Information and advice on typical timeshare exit scam methods and deceits and how to recognise them.

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Lost money to a timeshare exit scam?