Thousands of Club Class Victims to Receive No Compensation – Victims Support Group Launched

By August 21, 2020September 23rd, 2020No Comments

After 8 years, the liquidators of the seven ‘Club Class Companies’ that were wound up by the UK authorities have been told that no compensation will be paid.

Club Class and a number of associated businesses were shut down by the UK authorities in 2012, following investigations into a multi-million-pound scam. Despite these actions, including the compulsory Club Class Holidays liquidation, elements of the business continued to trade and victims were often pursued by connected businesses for alleged unpaid fees. No further actions were taken against the other businesses involved and those responsible also had no actions taken against them.

Now the affected consumers are demanding justice. These include the victims of ITRA a business that was deeply involved in the original Club Class scams and which was itself wound up in the UK High Court last year, leaving yet more consumers without the promised timeshare exit services and with further heavy losses.

A report on the Club Class and ITRA scandal is available now on this website and includes first details of the assistance being provided to victims.

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