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At the heart of this site is our timeshare help centre with information from, and resources for, timeshare owners. This Consumer Alliance section is designed to highlight the direct experiences of consumers themselves and to enable them to band together to have their voices heard as part of our timeshare owners support group. .

Timeshare Owners – join the consumer panels!

If you are a consumer that wants to participate more actively in timeshare owners support groups and provide feedback on the content of this site, you can become a member of one of the Consumer Panels. To enquire or join, email

One such owner who has already joined is Steven Wright of Cumbria. Here is his experience.

“My wife and I were dishonestly induced into entering into a contract and paying fees of £7640 by misrepresentation by ITRA. On the 16/02/2016 at ITRA’s office in Spain we met with an ITRA representative who told us the only way to relinquish our timeshare was with their services and payment had to be made on the day as time was critical. The process would take 6 to 8 weeks to complete. They said a group legal action was about to take place and we had to pay immediately to be included. We were also told our timeshare would become the liability of our children on our death if we did not relinquish it. No worthwhile service was provided by ITRA, and they misled us on all of these points.”

“In hindsight we should have walked away and first carried out checks to be sure of what we were being told, but they were very convincing and put us under a lot of pressure.”

Steven sued ITRA, citing misrepresentation and no useful service, and was awarded £9,765 including interest, court fees and his costs – none of which has been paid. He is still being supported by KwikChex, who provided a witness statement to the court and had a director, Chris Emmins, attend the hearing as a witness in support of his claim.

ITRA was subsequently wound up in the UK High Court after another of their customers filed a petition after making the same complaints and after they again failed to pay a refund as ordered.

Steven has now signed up as a member of the Consumer Panels and is going to assist with one of our timeshare owners support groups, the Club Class & ITRA Victims Support Group – see link below to Club Class & ITRA Special Report.

Club Class & ITRA Special Report

Lost money to a timeshare exit scam?