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Following numerous requests from timeshare owners through the Timeshare Task Force websites, KwikChex has made a further commitment to provide free assistance specifically regarding timeshare claims and exits. KwikChex will follow the same principles as with the Timeshare Task Force facilities, which are UK Trading Standards vetted and approved.

  1. If you are concerned you may have lost money to a rogue timeshare exit/timeshare claims business.

Firstly, provide us with the details on the contact form on this site. We can then establish what actions might be possible.

Closed down businesses

Many businesses have closed down after taking considerable sums from owners without delivering the promised services. These include Club Class, ITRA, EZE, RSB Legal, ABC Lawyers and many more. If that’s the case, we can advise on whether there is any way to recoup monies and/or ensure that your losses and circumstances are brought to the attention of the proper authorities. This may involve claims you can make if any part of your payment was made using a UK credit card (we will advise how you can do this free of charge), potentially with liquidators or under a possible Proceeds of Crime Act, which can be brought against the individuals responsible.

In a number of cases, KwikChex is additionally helping coordinate Victim Support Groups. These will consist of panels made up of victims and experts, with input from qualified lawyers and law enforcement agencies and regulatory authorities.

The first of these is the Club Class & ITRA Victims Support Group. A Special Report has been published on this site in this regard – see link. To join the group, please use the contact form and in the subject box, type ‘Club Class & ITRA Victims Support’.

Businesses still trading

If the business that you feel may have acted unlawfully or unfairly is still trading, and they have not responded satisfactorily to your complaints then a number of options may be available. These include:

  • Credit card claims (where at least a part payment has been made using a UK credit card).
  • Court claims (A ‘Small Claims’ process which is less complex is available in the UK and throughout the EU).
  • Complaints to the relevant ombudsman/regulator (these have the authority to order regulated businesses such as Claims Management Companies (CMCs) and solicitors to repay monies when services have not been fulfilled as promised and/or regulations have been breached).

You should not be intimidated at the thought of taking such actions. In the case of credit card claims and complaints to regulatory authorities, these may be done directly at no fee. With the Small Claims process, a court fee is payable, but can be refunded to the claimant (along with other reasonable expenses), if the case is successful.

Basic free assistance can be provided to you in the form of guides for these actions and core questions answered, aided by help from lawyers, law enforcement and consumer protection experts. For more complex cases, or where you may feel more comfortable with formal timeshare advice and legal representation, you will be able to consult a solicitor (with a free initial assessment).

Not paid, but wanting to check legitimacy

If you have been approached by a business regarding a timeshare exit and/or compensation claim and are concerned about the legitimacy of what they are telling you or you have seen a business offering such services online and are unsure, you can take steps to carry out checks/due diligence.

  • Go to the Key Facts section on this website for facts and timeshare advice that will enable you to test what you are seeing or have been told.
  • Check to see if the business has a profile on ‘Timeshare Business Check’ – ensuring that you still do your checks and follow the key fact advice after looking at this information.
  • Send an enquiry using the contact form on this site.
  1. If you want to check on your legal rights as a timeshare owner.

We have provided a section on this site called Consumer Protection Info, which outlines consumer rights on timeshare matters, from actual timeshare purchases to related products and services such as ‘holiday clubs’ and timeshare claims and exit services.

The appropriate laws are detailed, with links to fuller explanations. These may often seem complex and daunting and if you feel that this is so, we have provided below links to free services covering timeshare advice.

Citizens Advice UK

European Consumer Centres Network

If you feel you may require the services of an expert lawyer, we will assist with this and ask them to provide you with a free initial assessment.

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